Hover Energy exists to be a global leader in renewable energy, beginning with the wind power sector. Our technology combines superior aerodynamics and stability to deliver exceptional power production per square foot.    Hover units are an ideal solution to provide local power in the built environment due to their unique design, laminar air flow, and lack of noise and vibration. 

The Company has filed more than 30 U.S. and international patents, 22 of which have been issued or allowed.

The Company

The Hover Array System

Hover Energy units will be sold in multiple-unit packages called Hover Array Systems. The array design creates a multiplicative effect, which increases the efficiency of all of the units in the array.

Due to its high energy density, the Hover Array System can provide an optimal solution for the built environment, which has a limited area within which to create onsite power.

Research and Development

Hover Energy has made technical advances in its vertical-axis wind generator design. We are exploring further developments, including the use of our technologies in other market segments.


The Company is also investigating the best storage solution to offer alongside the Hover Array System.

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